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3.1. Getting an idea of our Global Economy by using the analogy with our bodies

As long as human economics remains more competitive than cooperative, we hold up progress toward the evolution of the body of humanity

Elisabet Sahtouris

Let’s see whether we can find what Elisabet Sahtouris states (that our human economics are largely driven by competition in our own contexts):

  • Where do you find competitive behavior in in your own life? Think of 2 examples.
  • And if you look closer at one of these examples, what are the incentives for being competitive there? - Internally (that is, assumptions or beliefs coming from you) and/or externally, from your cultural/family/work context?

I find this a challenging question, however let me try to come up with two examples.

- I think one of the areas is that I always want to ‚deliver‘, meaning to me that I want to (over) achieve the targets being set and in that process then actually try to be ‚the best‘. And one example could be my role/career at Apple and nowadays being a lecturer / coach.

The benefits in general are a) internally to have in a playful, creative and joyful way done something that brings me pleasure and b) externally to be seen, recognized and respected by others!