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3.2. Playing with the Positive Principle of Appreciative Inquiry

How could you use this newly gained knowledge about the Positive Principle to contribute to the shift in our economy?

I invite you to play a bit with this newly learned tool understanding how positive questions work and to craft positive questions yourself. When you craft such a question, I invite you to start with the end in mind:

  • what do you want to strengthen in your counterpart?
  • What revelation do you want to amplify?
  • What do you want to remind them of?
  • What do you want to inspire them to?

It might be helpful to nudge them to remember a certain feeling in a past situation that they experienced themselves (just as you did when journaling for the first part of the exercise. Let your audience/participants share the story (and help them how they can share it by the details you prompt them to include in their story) around that feeling, so both they themselves and - if applicable - the listener with whom they share the story get soaked in this memory and the feeling to it. And then amplify this experience with questions that lead them to aha-moments that you want them to experience so they feel equipped to co-create with you the positive change.

Curious to read your questions 😀