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4.1 If machines help us speeding up and we are asked to slow down, what does that imply?

From Elisabet Sahtouris we learned that there is no such thing as a machine that can rule itself (apart from what was programmed into it) and that cannot reproduce itself. What machines can do, however, is help us extend our power as human beings. They can help us to speed up. And they do that very well.

From Joep C. de Jong we learned that (one of) our task(s) is to help ourselves and help others to slow down.

Why should it be of value to slow down? I think it is of value when we want to find, regain and restore balance - within ourselves, with one another and with our home planet. Reconnection in a wholistic way will, in my opinion, be of vital importance for the evolution of humanity.

If you feel like it, please share you comments, reactions, (dis)agreement and questions with us on this thought line of  mine (Vera).