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4.1 Speeding up and Slowing down - Where do you think we humans add more value than machines?

I invite you now to reflect on what he shares about the necessity of slowing down and connecting with what is happening inside (the emotions, the bodily signals, etc. on the individual level and connecting and relating with others in a closed human system, like a team or organization) while the outside world keeps on speeding up.

  • Where in your personal life did/do you experience a "speeding up"?

  • Have you experienced already that techniques and rituals that help to slow down and connect with our inner life are useful in some way? Why and how are they useful?
  • Is the facilitation of helping you and others to slow down something that you would consider a leadership quality? If yes, why? If no, why?

My thoughts / feelings:

4.1 We add more Value in the area of Soul, Spirit, Emoticons and Concious and probably Love (and its polarities)

  • I experience speeding up in the world / society 'around' me.
  • Yes, my rhythm of excercises, Meditation and trying to experience 'No-thing' are helping me to slow down - and have been very useful to me.
  • Yes, as leaders are there to give (each)other(s) a second chance to become who we really are (Kierkengaard) we need to slow down and need others (leaders) to help us do so.