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4.2. The Wholeness Principle of Appreciative Inquiry

After having heard Joep share his understanding of wholeness and how the concept of wholeness builds upon this whole value chain from data over information to knowledge, wisdom and finally to wholeness or spiritually; and having listened to me in this video struggling with the Wholeness Principle of Appreciative Inquiry - what are your thoughts, feelings and ideas around "Wholeness"?

And how do you see that "bringing the whole system into the room" (or bringing all stakeholders together) and by that honoring the idea of wholeness could create value?

Can you recall a situation in your own life - whether it was at work, in your family, maybe even in therapy or coaching, if you ever went into therapy/got coaching - where bringing the whole system into the room, and if it was only in your own awareness, stimulated creativity and built collective capacity (for change)?