Applying the Poetic Principle in practicing the three peaces ourselves

We earlier heard about the three peaces that Sonya René Taylor mentioned. I see them as the gateways to appreciating diversity (in yourself and in others). They were:

  • making peace with not understanding
  • making peace with difference
  • making peace with your body

Let’s apply the poetic Principle of Appreciative Inquiry here!

I invite you to journal for yourself (and if you feel comfortable to share it in the Forum with us) on a moment where you could make peace with not understanding.

  • What was the situation? What happened? Who else was involved? What made it possible for you to let go of your need to understand and to just appreciate and be compassionate – either with yourself, with someone else, or with a topic in general. Tell us a story about how you learned to appreciate yourself and/or others?

As an add-on – if you want to practice a bit more how to apply the poetic principle: do the same for the second peace: the peace with difference. Ask yourself: where was a moment where you realized that you tried to make other people „the same“ as you and moved beyond that. Maybe you made amends, maybe you apologized, maybe this was a moment that made you aware of your own imperfect humanity and allowed you to grow beyond and towards peace with difference? 

If you cannot think of a particular situation like this that happened to you, just do a forecast into the future: What would you do if you encountered a dilemma „being different“ and having to make peace with that without erasing someone’s/your own parts of identity?

Last but not least, if you want to: tell a story and/or a situation where you succeeded in making peace with your own body. What was the situation? How did you overcome body shame? How did that make you feel?