Questions that help us apply the Simultaneity Principle on the topic of Power

„power is the ability to achieve purpose and affect change“

Martin Luther King Jr.

a) Using the simultaneity principle with the idea that the moment we ask a question we begin to create change, I invite you to apply the following questions to a current situation in your life where you want to feel more power within yourself:

  • What purpose do you want to achieve here?
  • What change do you want to affect?
  • And how is that related to empowering people? (thereby co-creating a system in which power is decentralized and distributed) or disempowering them?

b)  What would happen if you would ask yourself „am I now using power over? Or am I using power within, power with and power to?“ whenever you want to achieve something?

  • with friends or family?
  • with your colleagues and clients in business/at your job?
  • with yourself in how you talk with yourself and handle yourself in different situation?

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