the following script is a suggestion to you that helps you as a group allocate the 60 min of your buddy call effectively to dive deeper into the topics. It also helps you to give each of you equal time to speak and listen:

  1. Take 10 min for a check-in to help yourself and each other to land in the circle. Two possible check-in question can be: 
    1. on a scale from 1-10: how do I feel today?
    2. on a scale from 1-10: how happy am I with my progress with the course material?
  2. decide who’s going to be the time keeper in the group
  3. decide who’s starting with sharing 
  4. Now take 7 min to share what has touched/surprised/intrigued you the most what you’ve learned so far
  5. For the listener: listen closely to what the 1st person has to share, when the 7 min are over: take 3 min to reflect upon what the story teller said and how you can relate to the feelings and insights your counterpart shared. Kind reminder: It’s not your sharing time yet, to come up with your own topics, but an opportunity to reflect upon what the first story teller shared.
  6. Then change roles and and share again following step 4 & 5 in now in the new role constellation (10’), 
  7. repeat that pattern, if you have a third buddy in your group.
  8. now start an open and free flowing conversation, inspired by what each one of you has shared and heard from the parts 4-7
  9. Is there any topic that you’d like us to go deeper in the closing call of this module, then please feel free to send me a mail at vera@daretoimagine.today
  10. before your call ends (around the 55min of your call) : take 5 min to check out:
    1. put the timer on 1 min and be together in silence
    2. in this one minute of silence that the 1,2 or 3 words come to you with which you want to close the call:
    3. share these 1,2, or 3 words with one another to close the call