What you can expect from our first call

Our first Zoom Call is at the 1st of September 2022

In our first zoom call I share with you how this course is build up, when we have our group calls at the end of each module and how you can take most out of the material that I share with you.

You will learn in our call how the buddy system works: I will connect you during or after the first call with your buddies. Once you know who your buddies are, I suggest that you find a medium (iMessage, WhatsApp, Mail, etc.) that works best for you and your buddies to communicate and that you already agree upon the time when you want to schedule your first buddy-call. Then you have set yourself a natural due date and incentive until when you want to have finished the first part of the module.

For those who couldn’t attend the first zoom call or want to watch it back, here are the recordings